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Urban Jewellers Affiliate Program - got a website / social media? MAKE MONEY!

Add links to Urban Jewellers on your site / social media (it's easy) and we PAY you for every buying customer you send us!

Earn 10% of sales on all items on our website!


Join others already making money participating in our program!
Join and be one of many of our customers already participating in our program, earning money by doing NOTHING except for linking to our site.
Jewelry is a 17 billion dollar  business! Urban Jewellers sells hundreds of jewelry items each and every month!

How does it work?
We provide you with banners, buttons, and text links. Simply add these links to your website, and start earning cash every time a customer uses one of the links, and purchases from our site.

We provide you with links for tracking your affiliate traffic to us, including your sales and how much money you earn.

How do you become an affiliate today?
The entire sign up process is Free, and takes just a few minutes...

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Affiliate Program - FAQ

So…what IS this affiliate thing all about?

In brief, you place a link to our site, on yours. Your affiliate link is specially coded (unique to you) so that we know when a visitor comes to us from your site. If the customer buys one of our products, your Affiliate account is credited and your account is paid the % of that sale, as stipulated by the affiliate agreement. Very importantly, we assign(“tag”) this customer to you; you continue to receive full commission for any order this customer makes with us, no matter where he comes from online.

How do I know that you are tracking orders and recording my sales accurately?

We will provide you with a web-based login for your Affiliate account – you can access in real-time your current sales and amount of money owed you. You may also submit a test order at any time, and see it appear in your account later in that day (usually within a few hours).

How much does this cost me?

Nothing. As an Urban Jewellers affiliate you make money!

Who can join?

Anyone can join. However, we do NOT accept affiliate websites which promote pornographic material, or promote discrimination based upon Race, Sex,  Religion, Sexual preference, Ethnicity or Age, or engage in illegal activities of any kind.

It’s great to make money, but is there any other reason I should join?

Sure there is – we’d like to think that having our link on your site benefits your visitors who might have need of our products. Urban Jewellers has among the absolute lowest prices online for hip hop jewelry - thus, you are providing valuable content for your visitors. 

Ok, how do I make these links and put them on my site?

Once you submit your application and become an affiliate, we will send you an email with detailed instructions on how to place our link on your site. It’s easy! We have a variety of link options to choose from, including buttons and banners, and of course you can always use a good old fashioned text link.

How do I get people to click on your links so I make money?

Some common ideas and suggestions are included in the email you receive. In short, remember that you want to place the links where they make sense – you know your site best. What are the most trafficked pages on your site? Do you make mention of your affiliate partner on pages other than the actual page the link appears? Do you place the links on more than one page? Of course your visitors can’t shop with us if they aren’t aware of your links to us…and be sure to let your visitors know why they should consider shopping with Urban Jewellers – low prices, great products, great customer service, and a 100% money-back guarantee!

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